May 25 • 25M

Creative Catalogue Marketing #1

I teamed up with Netta Tzin from MySphera to make this brand new podcast

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Throughout this podcast we will go through some strategies and techniques to help you shine light on your back-catalogue.

Unlock Your Sound x MySphera


→ Old music is always new music to someone who’s acquainted with it for the first time 

→ Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” got a second life when being re-introduced on Stranger things, and picked up on TikTok!

→ Keep being creative about introducing your entire catalog

→ Look on your new releases as part of your entire curation process

→ Your Superfans are the ones to be found in your back catalog, they are the ones who’re walking a mile with you

→ Catalog Marketing is Storytelling - which is focused on the long term brand building

  • Relevant Links: 

    • A third of Spotify’s weekly Top Songs are now catalogue tracks — Music Ally

    • 7 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2023 —

    • “Catalog’s share of the consumption pie rose to 72.2% from 69.8% in 2021 while current music’s share fell from 30.2% to 27.8% over the same time period. Catalog total album consumption shot up 12.9% to 703.9 million while current total album consumption was up fractionally to 270.9 million.” —