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The Songcards Podcast Ep. 2 — RAVEN

The Songcards Podcast Ep. 2 — RAVEN

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Today we interview the artist Raven.

With this episode Raven is launching her first Songcard “You Say To Me“ which is available in a Standard Edition and Collectors Edition.

She talks about how Raven was born and also reveals a big project she is working on.

About the Artist

RAVEN is an electronic music producer, rapper and visual artist from Germany. She is known for having a unique style, making it difficult to name the genre the music is based in.

RAVEN focuses her activities around blockchains as she believes that this is the future of creative business.

You can not only expect Songcards around music, but also videos and creative works such as trading cards.

About the Songcard

This was the very first song I made as Raven.

In the beginning it was more a way to help me deal with the break-up of my ex-girlfriend who left me heartbroken up to this very day. After feeling that I love rapping and professional music production, It quickly became a serious business. So this song was the start of a very important part of my life.

This Songcard is also available as Collectors Edition with extended content.

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